WordPress maintenance

I have decided to introduce new services to my offer in order to provide even more security for your website and even greater comfort and confidence for you.

Need #1: Backup

I offer you the option of a monthly website backup, which will be stored on an external server. In addition to the traditional backup performed by your hosting, I provide a backup copy of your website from the last 6 months.

Why do you need this? Because the internet is full of individuals who are eager to infect your website. The hosting on which your site is hosted typically keeps backups of your site for up to 7 days. This is useful, for example, when an update to a plugin goes awry and you need to restore your site to a state from two days ago. The problem arises when someone infects your site earlier.

Hackers usually operate in a way that for several weeks or months, the virus remains undetected, and after this time (when the hosting no longer has a backup from before the infection), your site suddenly crashes. You are then left in the lurch with no way to recover your data.

That’s when the comprehensive backup of the site, carried out by whitesite.pl, comes into play, which has data saved from several months ago when the site was still 100% healthy 🙂

Operating in this way will provide you with peace of mind because, quoting a classic: “People can be divided into those who make backups and those who will make them.”

Need #2: Monthly Updates

For the first 4 months from the creation of your website, there is a “support period” during which I take care of your site, update it, and ensure that it functions properly.

WordPress requires up-to-date software for proper functioning and reliability. Automatic updates are one option, but manual control of what and in what order gets updated is definitely a better choice. For the perfect and efficient operation of your site, I also offer a monthly updating service.

If your priority is to have a hassle-free website that simply generates income for you, you can opt for a care package that includes the two most essential needs: weekly backups and monthly updates.

The security package for your website (backup + updates) costs 25 EUR per month.

I don’t want to sound too salesy, but spending 25 EUR per month for a well-functioning website that generates income for you is even less than a one-time dinner for two at a restaurant.

If you have any questions or need more details, you can contact me through messenger or by phone. Take care of your website’s well-being so that it can fulfill its purpose as effectively as possible and bring you customers.

PS. Yes, you can receive an invoice for this.

PS2. If anyone prefers to pay for the entire year upfront, the cost for the whole package will be 275 EUR (one month free).

What does the maintenance include specifically?

IssuesSecurity package
Monthly website updates (update WordPress, theme, and plugins)
Monthly website performance check
Creating an independent website backup, once a month, for the last 6 months, regardless of hosting.
The possibility of support once a month (brief topics, advice, or explanations of issues that take up to 15 minutes).

What does the maintenance not include?

First and foremost, I am not responsible for ongoing issues arising from plugin updates. If a plugin causes a problem, I can revert it to the previous version and wait for a software update from the manufacturer.

I am also not responsible for changes in the current site optimization. This is largely influenced by the size of images and files uploaded to the site, as well as the plugins used. A site that has been optimized successfully initially will maintain its performance, but only if it is not cluttered with files and the files are kept in an optimized state.

I do not take responsibility for the user’s site security. I always suggest setting strong passwords and, for example, not installing suspicious software on your computer. I cannot predict such scenarios. In the event of an infection, we have a backup of the site from the last 6 months available.