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As Whitesite.pl we are in the business of creating fast and functional websites for photographers, based on original designs. We do not make websites from ready-made graphic themes. First and foremost, the website must show the entire photographic achievements and photos at its best, it must be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the photographic style. Before I make an offer, I would like you to get a feel for our style and take a look at some of the recent projects submitted for clients.

Rafał Mazur

Creator of Whitesite.pl

Why do I feel I am in the right place? Because as a photographer I can advise you best on your new website. Not only will I be able to design a layout for you and create a fast-acting site, but I can also help you with the choice of images and showing them at their best.

My experience with the wedding industry allows me to better understand your audience and find solutions to reach them in the best way possible.

This is what our customers say about us

Choosing Whitesite.pl has been one of the best business decisions in recent times. They quickly and professionally created a modern website that I am fully satisfied with. The partnership atmosphere and good contact with Rafal resulted in an excellent end result. The website follows the latest trends and is fully prepared for the requirements of search engines. I sincerely recommend!
Bartosz Płocica
The website is my main working tool. Over the years I’ve worked on it myself or outsourced to service providers who couldn’t create it the way I had it in my head. Whitesite met my expectations, measured up to them and the end result exceeded my expectations. The website is fast, thoughtful, pretty and I am finally 100% happy with it. The express turnaround time was an added bonus. I warmly recommend.
Dawid Mazur

How much does it cost?

Each case and site is priced by me individually. This is influenced by many factors, such as the sophistication of the design, the number of tabs, additional custom elements or implemented systems. What do I offer in the preparation of a website?
preliminary conversation to determine the design of the site and assumptions for the entire project
advice on hosting and its selection and configuration
configuration of the company’s mail along with connection to an external client
instruction in the preparation of texts
assistance with the selection and preparation of photos
countless conversations, support and assistance during the creation of an idea for a website 🙂
site customization for tablets and phones
SEO optimization and configuration
learning how to use the site
Key characteristics of the pages being prepared:

– Prepared on the WordPress system,
– Fast and modern premium theme with lifetime licence included, based on the Gutenberg editor,
– Lightweight and meticulously selected plugins,
– Layout preparation at your discretion – we don’t work on off-the-shelf solutions,

What do we consider to be Whitesite.pl greatest asset? The fact that we don’t leave the user with an incomplete website that they need to fill in with content, for example. We always fine-tune the whole thing until it is published online, and then we teach you how to use the site, through an online lesson that can be replayed at a later date. We then validate the site for a further four months, secure it with a weekly backup and update it. After this period, it is possible to purchase a care subscription so that you can use the site in peace, which is constantly updated and watched over by Whitesite.co.uk.

Rafał: The other major plus, in my opinion, is that I photograph weddings myself, in addition to creating websites. I am able to advise with the layout of the content that will appeal to a potential client, help with the selection of photos, or possibly change the format of a photo myself, for example. We make sure that the website not only “is”, but is done with soul with a sense of photographic style.
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